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Guest lectures on SCSR galore for BBA Jags in Mumbai

To help students get exposure to the nuances of the corporate world, as part of their SCSR subject, BBA Jags witnessed 3 impressive Guest sessions at SP Jain’s Mumbai campus. The 3 guest speakers invited by Prof Shrinivas Shikaripurkar included Harsh Gandhi (Executive Director, Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Product Ltd), Homi N Daruwalla (Chairman, IGBC; Deputy Chairman, CII Energy Efficiency) & Cristiana Peruzzo (CSR Specialist, Innovaid India).

Session 1 – Sustainability practices at GRP

Mr. Gandhi explained to the students the genesis of Sustainability & how it plays a central role in his organisation, GRP Ltd. GRP Ltd is the largest producer of reclaimed rubber in Asia and amongst the leaders of the same in the world. Today, GRP has a presence in 53 countries across the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australia.

Guest lectures

Session 2 - LEED practices in India

Mr. Daruwalla, a US GBC qualified LEED AP Consultant, shed light on the Green Building Movement in India. He explained the various LEED certification tiers & the processes undertaken to avail these certifications. Students were then shown the various live examples of some of the best Platinum-rated structures across the country.

Session 3 – CSR: Global & Indian Context

Ms. Peruzzo, an Italian national, showcased the interlinkages between the Government, Civil society & the Industry through the Embedded Relational Model. She described the evolution of CSR in India & its fundamental difference with sustainability. She concluded her talk by detailing the contours around a typical CSR Maturation Process.

All the 3 Guest sessions were very well received by the BBA Jags who enthusiastically participated in Q&A sessions.

“I am pleasantly surprised with the team of talented students, who were not only informative but knowledgeable as well. The energy levels were very high and I congratulate Prof. Shrinivas & SP Jain Global in churning out such talented students” - H N Daruwalla

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