Working At sp jain

The SP Jain family is made up of several hundred employees working across five continents, performing many different roles – from marketing and student recruitment to faculty management and career counselling. Our teams are part of a transformative, innovative and cross-cultural work environment that is dedicated to supporting students in their transformation to business leaders of the 21st century. What makes us special and keeps us moving forward – our shared commitment to excellence.


The amazing thing about working at SP Jain is that you enjoy, benefit from and contribute to the diversity of its faculty and staff. People of all ages, cultures, races; people from nearly every part of the world; people with unique backgrounds, experiences and education; people with differing interests, goals and aspirations come together to create a vibrant, dynamic and pulsating workplace.



 employees and counting


 staff from 30 different countries


campuses & regional support offices in vietnam, indonesia, spain, us and the philippines

Academic Positions

SP Jain’s faculty members are at the heart of our academic programs and we take immense pride in their passion for teaching. With a well-balanced career portfolio that spreads over decades of experience within industries as executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders, our professors bring with them not only a wealth of knowledge base, but also relevant industry knowledge. To take learning to an unprecedented level, the international suite of faculty is drawn from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. We are proud of our multinational collective of recognised scholars and experts who bring a wealth of research, teaching and industry experience into our classrooms.


Non-Academic Positions

Our management and professional workforce form the backbone of our operations – their efforts have spurred our growth as one of the world’s best business schools. From marketing, admissions and student services to course design, administration and faculty management, our staff strive for excellence on the job through individual and collaborative contributions. Like our faculty, our professional workforce is highly skilled, experienced and passionate about designing (and delivering) a world-class learning experience for students. Every day, they apply their creative abilities and talents to make SP Jain a modern, innovative and world-class provider of business education.



We welcome you to build your career with us. We offer you a diverse, rich, intrusion-free environment that inspires you to experiment, challenge your boundaries and discover avenues for growth and development. If you wish to apply to any one of our existing positions or submit your resume, please write to


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