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Yi Zhang Addresses the Postgraduate Students at Dubai Campus

On 8th Mar 2018, Yi Zhang (Vice President - Global Value Brands, Schneider Electric) spoke to our Postgraduate students about the Business overview of his company, Brand Portfolio Management, Latest Technologies and Innovations that competes with companies including Google and Tessa, among others.

Topics: Visiting Wisdom at SP Jain, Dubai

Commercial and Business Banking Landscape in the UAE – Visiting Wisdom, Dubai

As part of the Visiting Wisdom session at our Dubai Campus, Suresh Lalwani (Head of Expatriate Segment - Business Banking, RAKBANK) addressed the SP Jain students on 7th February. He spoke about the banking system in UAE with special reference to Lending and how banks are transforming with changing market conditions.

Topics: Visiting Wisdom at SP Jain, Dubai

Guest Session with Mr. Paresh Kotecha on Commodity Markets and Opportunities at Dubai

On 6th February 2018, the final year BEC students had a dynamic and experienced commodity specialist visit them as part of their International Financial Market class. Mr. Paresh Kotecha, Chairman and Managing Director of Richcomm Global Services, shared his wealth of experience bridging derivatives and physical grains and oil seeds complex globally with several multinational trading houses and as an independent global trader. Richcomm Global Services is a Dubai-based international commodity services enterprise, registered with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and a shareholder of Timeless Asset Management. He is also the Managing Director of S&P Group Financial Services South Africa and an investment advisor to Almagest SICAV.

Topics: Visiting Wisdom at SP Jain, Dubai

Understanding the Consumer Markets – Global Learning with Diego Cerrone

On 21st January 2018, the students at our Dubai campus attended a global learning session with Diego Cerrone (Senior Insight and Strategy Director - BPN Worldwide). The session helped attendees understand the Italian, Chinese and the UAE consumer market behaviours and the importance of mobile communication strategy.

Topics: Visiting Wisdom at SP Jain, Dubai

Gauging the UAE Financial Market & SCA – Global Learning at the Dubai Campus

On 18th January 2018, SP Jain School of Global Management hosted the Global Learning Industry Voices Series on its Dubai Campus. The session was held specially for the global business students, who were addressed by Ms. Pooja Singh, International Relations Specialist and Ali Abdulla Al Abdouli, Awareness & Education Section Head from Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). The students were keen to understand the key function and overview of the financial market and regulatory body in the region.

Topics: Visiting Wisdom at SP Jain, Dubai