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The day began quite early, with students coming down to the Leadership Hall, puzzled on what to expect from the activity. They met Albert, who divided them into teams and further divided into sub-teams. Each team received a team colour bandana, and each sub team got envelopes with the clues. It was all so exciting.

As the race commenced, they ran out trying to figure out the places they were supposed to go first. Needless to say, this was going to be a very adventurous day for each of the students. We first went to China Town, which is a multitude of colors and a kaleidoscope of Chinese and oriental culture. It was beautiful. They tasted food and took pictures. Travelling with the team was an enriching experience as it gave them the opportunity to know each other, and discovered similarities and differences they shared with each other.

The next destination was the National Library of Singapore. They were all in awe at its impeccable architecture and the collection of books and resources. Most students had never seen anything like it. They took a while to go around the place, and decided to visit back in near future. 

On the path that this amazing race took the students, the next stop was Chijmes, which was on Victoria Street. This place was a former convent and school, and is a structure that was built in the 19th Century. Now, this place is bustling with activity as it has bars and restaurants and just places where people can go and spend time appreciating the ambience and architecture. It was inspiring — with the different forms of art that one could explore and the rich history that the place possessed. The students gaped at the beauty of the place. 

The Amazing Race was an experience that allowed students to learn and explore the places—ones that would’ve been otherwise gone unnoticed. It was also a great opportunity to know my friends better, get connected well with the place where they have lived the past month and will do for the next couple of months. 


22 January 2016

To end the hectic week, the BBA cohort decided to take on a fun-filled day in Wadi Adventure. Students were so excited to enjoy their Friday this way. The buses reached Wadi Adventure late in the morning. Upon arrival, the staff of the park divided the students into three groups so the students could start the day’s activities. There were three main activities to partake in by the students— White Water Rafting, Airpark/ Swing, Wave Pool and lunch at the Surf Cafe. Each group rotated from Airpark/ Swing and White Water Rafting. Everyone joined together to have a great buffet lunch at 1:00pm. The Wave Pool, on the other hand, was available anytime of the day and was used by the students during their free slot. 


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12-13 January 2016
The postgrad students were very excited and pumped with enthusiasm to visit the Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. Masdar City is a sustainable city located in Abu Dhabi which is known for its green buildings and for following highly efficient environmental standards which also houses the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Headquarters. The cohort began their trip on a pleasant rainy afternoon. After an hour and a half ride, the students reached the city of Abu Dhabi. 

The students reached Masdar City on a chilly and gusty afternoon. The innovative and extraordinary structure of buildings awestruck the cohort and young business leaders could be seen trying to capture these moments by taking selfies. After a warm welcome from the representatives of the Masdar city, the cohort was taken through the timeline of the city and was explained about the chain of events that followed in establishing the Masdar City. The students also got a chance to use the digital artist platform where they got their creative juices flowing.  

Topics: DUBAI, Postgraduate, Excursion