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The ground floor of J Cube Shopping Mall located in west Singapore, came to a halt. A curious crowd gradually gathered soon after hear some music being played. Shortly after the music began to play, a girl was seen making a graceful entry to the centre of the formation and began matching pace to the beats of the music. Soon after, a young man joined in the dance, and a group of young, enthusiastic individuals followed. 

Yes, it was a flash mob. 

The dance routine was presented by around 35 students from SP Jain. The purpose of the spectacular teamwork was planned to promote peace between cultures. The dance was choreographed by Lavena Bhansali, Aadit Mohnot and the event organised by Franchesca Soto. Students dedicated weeks and weeks of time and effort for the 13th of February, 2016. One was able to witness various dancing styles such as Hip-hop, Bachata and Freestyle among others. 


As the students started dancing with energy and enthusiasm, the crowd clapped and cheered louder in awe. Songs such as Lean On, Sorry, and Party Rock Anthem were danced to, and the whole piece ended with a fast, catchy South Indian beat. The team executed the mob dance thrice that day. It brought happiness and entertainment to everyone who witnessed it.

Students put on a white, eye-catching T-shirt which included vibrant peace symbols on them at the end of each set. They were joined by a team of 15 other SP Jain volunteers headed by Victor Arámbulo and Franchesca Soto. They carried a ‘’Free Hugs’’ poster, displaying care and compassion to everyone surrounding them. All united, members of the flash mob held hands and sang the famous ‘’Heal the World’’ by Michael Jackson. 

The students made successful attempt at bringing a smile to the beautiful humans who make the world a better place to live in.