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Sustainability, a driving force for innovation – BBA Jaguars visit Bee’ah

Undergraduate students from SP Jain’s Dubai campus participated in an industrial visit to Bee’ah, Middle East’s leading fully integrated environmental & waste management company, on 21st Nov. 2017. Bee’ah, meaning ‘environment’ in Arabic, started in 2007, and has been making magnificent developments over the last 10 years.

During the visit, the students were taken to the headquarters and explained the activities of the organisation, how wide spread the organisation is, how they are actively affecting the community with emphasis on biogas and recycling, and the mybee'ah loyalty program. With a bus tour around the entire facility, the students visited the waste recycling centres, the ‘big red’ car shredding machine, and the construction waste facilities.

BBA Jaguars visit Bee'ah

Discussing the Plant Operations, Basem Abu Sneineh (Operations Manager), said, “The plant has a huge capacity, with many different functions and possibilities. It is much better for the environment to do this as an alternative for landfills. Every country needs to incorporate similar efforts.”

“The industry visit was a very interesting eye-opening experience. Through this visit we could understand the difficulties which waste management facilities face, how this industry works, as well as the importance of such a unit. That was the biggest take back for us students. As future global leaders, it is important for us to understand that all our actions have implications for the environment and thus take responsible business decisions.” Amartya Majumdar, Student, BBA Program

*The Event Summary has been written with inputs provided by Tanushree Kumar (Student, BBA Program)

Topics: Global Learning at SP Jain, Dubai