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BEC Junior Senior Mixer: Getting to Know Each Other with Pizza

On 1st February 2018, the second and final year Bachelor of Economics students had a Junior-Senior Mixer at Russo’s New York Pizzeria. The two cohorts got to know each other, shared their experiences from their first year in Singapore, and exchanged life-hacks for living in Dubai. The Head Chef and staff at Russo’s Pizzas shared the story behind the eatery as each student began to create their version of the iconic Russo pizza.

After learning the history of the pizzeria and the basic New York-style pizza, students were given ingredients and equipment to make their pizzas with basic instructive guidelines from the Chef. Students went from creating basic Cheese Margarita to stuffed cheese crusts with pepperoni and all the works.

BEC Junior Senior Mixer: Getting to Know Each Other with Pizza

“This is a fun way to bring all of us together, as each of us are so different – even our pizzas showcase our different personalities and cultures! But we all love food and it a great way to open with our juniors,” said Aindrea Sewell, final year BEC student.

“Being an exchange student and my first term with BECs in 2016, it was really good to know them outside the classroom and a great way to introduce myself as we are still at the stage of learning each other’s names,” Uulkan Omurzakova, second year BEC student.

Topics: Global Learning at SP Jain, Dubai