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Revolutionising the Global Logistics Industry – PG Students interact with Hubert Igbinoba

On 19 September 2017, SP Jain’s PG students specialising in IT Management and Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management got the unique opportunity to interact with Hubert Igbinoba, the Director of Change Freight Forwarding. Having completed a Mathematics and Industrial Mechanics Degree in Nigeria, Hubert emigrated to Australia, bringing with him this strong entrepreneurial spirit. Hubert then went on to a 5-year sting as the General Manager of a Talent Company post his further studies in Business Management.

Hubert then turned his talents to the Global Logistics industry, where his strong drive and determination enabled him to head up Change Freight Forwarding, a company offering a comprehensive range of personalised freight and logistics services. Hubert has taken the vast knowledge and experience he has gained over the past 2 decades and established Tracked – a significant industry game-changer that will unapologetically disrupt the outdated and cumbersome methodologies that have been used in global supply and logistics for far too long.

PG Students interact with Hubert IgbinobaPG Students interact with Hubert Igbinoba

With the interaction, the students got an opportunity to learn:

  1. Hubert's approach to building a successful enterprise

  2. What he did that is different in both thought and action in order to drive greater prosperity and personal satisfaction

  3. His latest venture and how this venture will change the way global logistics is done

“Hubert is a larger than life character who imbues a can-do spirit wherever he goes. With Hubert, you believe that anything is possible, and what he has achieved as a businessman, father, and enabler of others is testament to this.” - Martin Purcell, Global Brand Director - Titan

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