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Meeting the Mentors - Toastmasters Excom and Mentor Quarterly meeting

Seven months ago, at the start of their Toastmasters journey, the SPJ Toastmasters Club was matched with their talented mentors, TM Phillip and TM Love.  “They both changed our lives, as we evolve as Toastmasters, enhancing our communication and leadership skills. We are so grateful that they took us under their wing”, said the Team as they met their mentors for an American breakfast spread at the Denny’s restaurant on 2nd September, 2017.


“Their leadership and example has helped the SPJ Toastmasters Club grow into their potential.  They consistently maintained strong business ethics while keeping a smile on their faces and of those people around. Thank you so much for your guidance and useful advice, we appreciate and treasure everything you have taught us”, the team further shared.

Topics: EMBA; Toastmaster