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“The world through a Child’s Eye” – SPJ Toastmasters Club Meeting

‘Can you remember what it’s like to be a child? When you look back, you see those years through rose-colored glasses and its all happy memories. Do you watch how your children, nieces and nephews, or friends’ children interact with the world around them?’

The SPJ Toastmasters’ Club had their 11th meet on 26th August, 2017, where they experienced the essence of seeing ‘the world through a child’s eye’ with the Toastmaster of the Day, TM Mohit. It was a fun-filled session where the members got to see each other’s childhood pictures displayed as they were being introduced to play their roles. The ice-breaker speeches were delivered by new members, TM Apoorv and TM Chetan of Batch 40.


The Assistant Program Quality Director of District 105 and the Director of Division B also attended the meet and joined the Toastmasters in carrying out their very first Debate session. The next mind-boggling debate was scheduled for 9th September, when the club meets again. The winners of the debate will be contesting against Dubai Oasis Toastmasters Club between 15th September and 15th October, 2017.

Topics: EMBA; Toastmaster