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A day at SMAAASH – BBA Mumbai Team Building Activity

On the 8th of September, 2017, SP Jain took the BBA 2017 cohort to SMAASH as a part of a team building activity.  The day was scheduled for only fun and no studies, taking a break from the rigorous day-to-day schedule and getting to know each other. The students were accompanied by Miss. Archana Yadav (Event Manager) and Miss. Sailee Parodkar (BBA Coordinator).

Each student was given a card to use for any game they wanted to play. Following this, everyone was divided into teams and taken to the bowling alley. Many from the cohort were bowling for the first time while many others needed help perfecting the skill. The unity of the team was seen when the cohort came together helping each other learn the skills and had a lot of fun while doing so. The students bonded over chats and photo-sessions, getting to know each other much better. After the initial bowling session, the students went on to play various other games where their batchmates cheered them on.

BBA'17 Mumbai day at SMAASHBBA'17 Mumbai day at SMAASH

The jags played different games ranging from Finger Coaster, Jurassic Park, Walk the Plank, Bumping Cars, and various arcade games like Pacman and Dance Off. The day at SMAASH was a great way for the cohort to get to know each other and gain experience in teamwork.

“It was an awesome day with a lot of fun activities. Everyone was in a cheerful mood. The various activities like cricket, bowling and many others were a great thing for cheering each other. It was a great way for interacting with everyone.” - Priyesh Agarwal, Student - BBA Intake of 2017

“In bowling, you need to aim the target in such a manner that every team member uses his/her skills and abilities to get the goal.” - Amol Garg, Student - BBA Intake of 2017          

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