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Understanding Digital Marketing with Sanjana Soman at the Dubai Campus

In the present scenario where every sector is moving towards digitalisation due to its impact on the worldwide marketing space, a humongous amount of leverage is being given to Online Marketing or Digital Marketing. Its widespread demand is leading to a surge in the number of digital experts, whom we can also refer as Digital Specialists. With the objective to inspire and promote the concept of Digital Marketing, Ms Sanjana Soman, a Digital Account Manager at SOCIALEYEZ, addressed the Digital Marketing & Metrics students of SP Jain Dubai on January 27th, 2018. Ms. Soman’s past work history is engraved with her achievements in the industry as she led a digital team, which went on to win many awards for its excellent work on different online campaigns.

Sanjana Soman at SP Jain Dubai Campus


Ms. Soman, who has around 8 years of experience in digital and social media field, and handled some of U.A.E's reputed brands, shed some light on varied aspects of the industry. She took the students through the process of creating campaigns in a lively and energizing session. Moreover, she shared her extensive knowledge through her slides. Some random queries were also resolved by her that helped students in comprehending the media house related job opportunities. At the end of the session, students showed interest in attending more of such sessions with Ms. Soman to get more guidance from her on the subject.

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