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Finding Your Professional Brand at S P Jain Singapore Campus

How do you build a professional brand for yourself?  Do you know what your role requires you to do?   What makes you different from someone else?

Professional Brand

Pooja Chhabria, an S P Jain Global MBA alumni, visited the Singapore campus last week to share some of her experiences and learnings when it comes to personal branding. Currently a b2b marketer at LinkedIn Singapore, she urged the students to think through how they stand in the crowd - be it in business or events.

Professional Brand

Pooja Chhabria, S P Jain GMBA alumni shares her story on her own personal branding


Be Great and Not Just Good

Everyone has a particular strength. It would be great if one were to focus on their unique strength, work on it, improve it, and become the best at it. Always try to listen to what people have to say about what you are trying to relay or portray. These are just some of the things Pooja told the students.

The session included a short activity where students tried to explain to each other their professional brand. Through this activity, they got to measure their knowledge of what exactly is required to relay the message and what they should work on.

Pooja highlighted that it would be great if one could look for a potential mentor who could advise him or her in the interested area of expertise.

The students got to learn how to prep up their profile on online platforms like LinkedIn – from attempting blogs to writing the profile summary.Like what Pooja explained - always express what you believe in, tell and show people what you mean

  • Who you are
  • What you believe in
  • What you want to do
  • How are you doing

With these checkboxes ticked, it will be much easier for others to relate to your thoughts and to understand where you stand.



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