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Every Little Thing – Toastmasters Club Meets

The SP Jain Toastmasters Club held its 20th meeting on 13 January 2018 – the first meet of 2018. With the theme ‘Every Little Thing’, the session was highly inspiring and spoke about the value of precious moments in life that are often ignored in the pursuit of material pleasures. 

Toastmasters Club Meets
Toastmasters Club Meets

TM Amjad Ali, the veteran Toastmaster of the day, carried the theme forward with numerous project speeches - ‘Impossible is nothing’ by TM Parmita, ‘Goal Setting’ by TM Vivhav and ‘As long as you breathe, you are in the game’ by TM Vinod. The meet also saw the awe-inspiring story of TM Amjad Ali which was presented by TM Vinod Panicker.

The presence of two Gaveliers (young Toastmasters), TM Aparna (TT Speaker) and TM Akshaya (Grammarian), brought forth further energy to the meet.

Topics: EMBA; Dubai