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Understanding the business 35,000 feet in the sky - PG students visit Emirates

On 19th May, 2017, the MGB and GMBA batch of SP Jain’s Dubai Campus visited the Emirates Facilities to understand the functioning of one the largest airline services in the Middle East, Emirates.

The huge building and the beautiful campus provided a warm welcome to the students as they moved into an auditorium to interact with aviation experts Mr Rami El Samra and Mr Shajin Kunhalan.


The session kick started with Mr Samra, who gave an overview of the growth of the Aviation Industry – regionally and internationally, how 9/11 led to major changes in the management and operations within this sector, effective changes in operational costs and how the industry is coping to these changes by introducing latest innovations and technologies. He also provided a very valuable insight into understanding how airlines choose their aircraft and fleet orders depending on the passenger traffic growth seen in different countries.

Guest lectures

Mr Kunhalan took over for the second half of the talk and addressed how business engineering and business solutions help business growth by taking into consideration different business values, looking at transformations using the available technology and working on them to come up with something new. He also spoke about always looking for emerging opportunities and strategising upon them.

“I found the session to be an interactive one and we are thankful to the speakers who took the time out to share insights with us and answer our questions related to the future of the aviation industry, foreseen challenges and discuss possible ways to overcome them among other topics.” - Baruna Amre, Student, MGB May 2017

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