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Staying Alive – SP Jain Toastmasters Club Meets

The 17th meeting of the SP Jain Toastmasters Club was held on 25 November with TM Sami Herbawi’s motivating theme "Staying alive". The meeting started with TM Devang Thanki’s welcome address, followed by the promising President TM Parmita’s message.

The word of the day, introduced by TM Kartikey Mishra was Torporific.

Toastmasters Club

The meeting saw two project speeches and an informative education session given by TM Lavanya Laxman, about creating a favourable environment for the members and guests at the Toastmasters club. The table topic session was held by TM Arvind Kumar, armed with topics related to the theme.The meeting then saw constructive evaluation of the speeches presented by TM Sachin Acharya which was followed and concluded by the president’ s announcement of the winners for best speech of the day.

Topics: EMBA, Toastmasters