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Dragon Boat Racing: A unique cultural experience so ‘oar-inspiring’


On September 22, 2019, as part of the Global Learning experience, our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) September 2019 cohort students (Jaguars) were given a fantastic thrill of dragon boating in Singapore, experiencing the Southeast Asian culture and Chinese traditions.

Dragon boating is a sport that increases both fitness and collaboration between team members. Often required to have high synchrony between members, the Global Learning team adapted the concept and used it to relay the power of teamwork to the students. Driving toward the finish line renews energy, enthusiasm and motivation.

The afternoon started by boarding the bus to Dragon Boat Association. Followed by a couple of safety instructions, the Jaguars were divided into three groups. They practised several rounds to bring the synchronicity among the team members. The fun was doubled as the teams freely engaged in water-splashing activities in the hot afternoon.

The sweat of the practice was to be proved in the competition carried out among all the three boats. This built the morale, overall excitement and enthusiasm for learning the sport, and developed the spirit of competitiveness.

The sport of dragon boating has always been synonymous to the lessons of teamwork and team building. No other sport epitomises both virtues as much as dragon boating. It’s a sport where the core consists of a large group of people with one single goal – working together selflessly to achieve their communal objective of reaching the finish line.

“The synchronisation and dedication of everyone representing a team giving it their best to win was itself the highlight of this incredible adventure. These were some important skills that will indeed help us in the future,” said Yashwita Reddy, BBA September 2019 cohort student.




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