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BBA Students at Mumbai Organise Inizio – An Intercollegiate Culture Festival

Between 14th-16th February, BBA students at the Mumbai campus organised Inizio – a student driven intercollegiate cultural festival. Students worked tirelessly, spending multiple weeks on planning the events and themes, coordinating and inviting other colleges, managing the operations and creatives, and create an event that truly represented the BBA Jaguars.

BBA Students at Mumbai Organise Inizio
BBA Students at Mumbai Organise Inizio

The event was set into motion with an excited audience and students of all participating colleges to three main categories of performances. 

  • •  Rock On! - An Encouraging Stage for Aspiring Singers 
  • •  21 Jumpstreet - Our Fiery Dance Platform 
  • •  The Devil Wears Prada – The Black & White Fashion Walk
BBA Jaguars visit TATA Power’s Hydro Plant

This was followed by the distribution of prizes, where the winners were awarded special trophies, certificates and vouchers for their breath-taking performances. Inizio symbolised a perfect amalgamation of originality, fun and perseverance, something that SP Jain tries to instil in each Jaguar that comes our way.

This event update was written with inputs provided by Shloka Motta, student of BBA Class of 2017.

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