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SP Jain hosts Cultural Night to Welcome Postgraduate Students to the Singapore Campus


Learning about A New Culture to Being Part of It

Learning about A New Culture to Being Part of It

Every semester, S P Jain welcomes a new batch of students to the Singapore campus. With the tri-city campus model, new students arrived at the campus after completing two semesters in Dubai and Sydney respectively. Singapore is their last stop, where they end their twelve months’ journey together.



Cultural Night with a twist

The Global Learning team has often organised a cultural night to welcome these students. But this time, there was a little twist to the agenda. Instead of having country representatives, the students decided to fuse their cultural roots together in the form of song, music and comedy. After eight months of studying, living, eating and traveling together, no one was a stranger. These students have gone through thick and thin together, and have come to embrace each other’s culture and lifestyle. 

S P Jain wishes them all the luck for their final semester together and hopes their friendship goes beyond!