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The annual Graduation Ceremony for our postgraduate students is a grand event. SP Jain graduates were presented with their degree scrolls and awards in the presence of their lecturers, friends, and relatives. It was also an opportunity to celebrate their achievements, show gratitude to those who stood by them, and to look back on the memorable times spent during their course of study. 

Under the lead of Dr Christopher Abraham, Head of Dubai campus and also the master of the ceremony, the event was a huge success. Ms Lakshmi Raman, Registrar, led the Academic procession, where the ceremony saw the graduation of around 40 graduates from varied batches.

The attendees of the ceremony witnessed some of the most inspiring and heart-warming speeches relayed by The Guest of Honour, Mr Girish Ramachandran, Mr Nitish Jain – School President, Dr Preeta George - Dean of Global Master of Business, and some of our fabulous students.  

The Guest of Honour, Mr Girish Ramachandran, President - Asia Pacific, Tata Consultancy Services, also shared his life journey and what he learnt from the people whom he had crossed path with.  

“Unlearn what you learn. He remarked. You need to keep on learning as you go in life. Today we keep on telling people, especially in the technology space that digital is evolving so much. We keep telling people you need to forget your C++ or java. You need to keep on learning. This is the only way that you can be aware on what’s happening in the world.”  

Mr Ramachandran encouraged the graduands to always take care of their health as health is wealth, enjoy what they do, always focus on the process and not just the results, partner with customers and work with them without asking something in return and lastly, try working across multiple channels to expand your skill sets.

The Graduation sees the culmination of the students’ hard work and marks the point where SP Jain’s students start a new chapter in their life journey. With the toss of the graduation cap, students showed their appreciation, new found freedom and celebration, as they say goodbye to a former part of their life. 

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