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As an MGB student at SP Jain Global, you can choose from any one of the following specialist areas, each offering an intensive curriculum that combines functional management knowledge with decision-making tools and frameworks, and real-world learning experiences with industry experts. Selecting the right specialisation can influence one’s career growth and our range of specialist offerings will help you align your Master’s degree with your targeted career path, giving you an edge in today’s competitive economy.


SP Jain Global offers its postgraduate students a modern and innovative specialisation in Contemporary Marketing Management that provides them with the latest and up-to-the-minute insights in global marketing practices. This specialisation covers areas like Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, B2B Marketing, Retail Strategy, Digital Interactive Management, Sales and Channel Management, Strategic Marketing Decisions, and Marketing Metrics and Pricing Decisions. On completing this specialisation, students will have learnt to implement marketing strategies that build strong customer relationships, create substantial value and integrate market-facing activities.

*This specialisation is being offered for the May 2020 intake



SP Jain Global’s postgraduate specialisation in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management covers a wide spectrum of topics including Transportation Management, Lean Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Warehousing, Performance-based Logistics, Constraints Management, Supply Chain Network Design and Demand Management. Dubai, Sydney and Singapore are important logistics hubs and provide an excellent backdrop to study this specialisation.

*This specialisation is being offered for the May 2020 intake


This specialisation is ideal for students aspiring for managerial positions in top global finance advisory firms or a career managing individual family wealth. The program provides students with important tools and techniques in areas like Financial Markets, Corporate Valuation, Derivatives, Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Portfolio Management and International Finance, enabling them to develop and execute high quality strategic and creative investment and financial solutions for governments, corporates and high net-worth individuals.

*This specialisation is being offered for the May 2020 intake



In a dynamic business environment, business and technology go hand-in-hand. SP Jain Global’s postgraduate specialisation in E-Business equips students with an understanding of how organisations and businesses leverage web, social media and electronic tools to facilitate growth. Students opting for this specialisation learn about various online tools and frameworks and examine a broad range of topics – from Web Design, Cyber Entrepreneurship and E-Governance to Cyber Laws, E-Supply Chain Management and E-Marketing.