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Unlocking the Potential of Persistent Homology (PH) in Destination Marketing


In the article published in TravelBizmonitor.com, Tristan Chong, Professor and Area Head of Marketing, SP Jain School of Global Management, discusses the application of Persistent Homology (PH) in destination marketing, particularly in identifying target tourist groups based on their behaviour, spending patterns, and clustering.

In the article, he highlights how PH offers a unique approach that allows for more precise market segmentation, unlike conventional methods that may introduce biases.

Inside Image - Tristan Chong

“Its unique ability to compute data across different topological spaces and spatial resolutions sets PH apart. It can map data clouds on various scales and perform clustering using diverse distance criteria. This means that, unlike current practices in tourism literature, there is no need to standardize variables before analysis. Through this method, a broader range of topological features can be detected and assessed, revealing true reflections of underlying spatial characteristics.” writes Tristan.

He adds, “PH exemplifies a topographical analysis that reveals patterns within data that traditional statistical methods in tourism often overlook. Unburdened by predefined relationships, PH boasts immense potential across the industry.”

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