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The Evolution of MBA Specialisations: Adapting to Complex Business Realities


In the article published in Business Standard, Dr Balakrishna Grandhi, Professor of Marketing & Strategy, and Dean – Global MBA & Master of Global Business at the SP Jain School of Global Management, highlights the changing business landscape due to factors like the pandemic, conflicts, and technology.

Inside Image Dr Balakrishna Grandhi

“There has been a tectonic change in the macro business environment in the recent past - be it due to the pandemic, supply-chain disruptions, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, shortage of chips, volatility in commodity prices, emerging technologies, explosion of data, global warming, unprecedented inflation shifts in shopping behaviour, climate change, and more. Every company is forced to reinvent its business model, bringing people with skills to help adapt to the macro turbulence, and to add value by designing and executing customer-centric strategies and processes, not just for survival but also growth and profitability.” writes Dr Grandhi.

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