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SP Jain’s Suet Huay Loh (EMBA’19) speaks to Collegedunia about her entrepreneurial journey


Suet Huay Loh (EMBA 2019) is an entrepreneur who believes in the philosophy of 'giving back' to society and that’s the motive behind starting Best Value Mart. She speaks to CollegeDunia , a leading educational portal, on her SP Jain experience and her journey from a corporate person to an entrepreneur.

Suet Huays

She shares, “My father always inspired me from a very young age. He has been my motivation pillar and always encouraged me to be an entrepreneur. I always wanted to do something unique which can represent myself, my identity as an individual. During my tenure in the corporate world, I got to learn so many things on how to start a company and what type of resources and network you need to establish it and this is the only reason why I stayed in the corporate world for so many years.”

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