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Millennial Shopper's Guide: Twitter Advertising


Monica Chaudhary, Associate Professor, Marketing and Acting Head, PG Programs at SP Jain School of Global Management, writes an... article in Financial Express, about how Twitter advertising influences the purchase intentions and purchase attitudes of Indian millennial consumers.

In the article, Dr Chaudhary highlights how social media marketing, including tactics like online reviews, sponsored posts, and influencer marketing, strongly impacts purchase intentions.

Monica Chaudhary

“User-generated content such as reviews, ratings, and testimonials are being read/heard by consumers before making a purchase decision. Social media platforms make it easy for users to share their experiences and opinions, influencing others’ purchase intentions. By using social media platforms and engaging with consumers meaningfully, businesses can build trust and increase the likelihood of a purchase,” writes Dr Chaudhary.

She adds, “Indian millennials who were younger demonstrated more favourable behavioural attitudes towards Twitter advertising than older users. Generally, younger population groups have more favourable attitudes towards social media advertising and tend to accept and utilise it more extensively.”

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