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Dr Bhanu Ranjan’s Insights on EMBA Roadmap


In the article published in College Dunia, a leading education portal, Bhanu Ranjan (Assistant Dean - Executive MBA (Singapore) and Associate Professor of Communications, SP Jain School of Global Management) highlights various reasons professionals should consider enrolling in an EMBA program.

Dr Bhanu Ranjan College Dunia

She talks about how, while there may never be a perfect time to pursue an EMBA, it can significantly contribute to professional and career growth and skill development in the face of evolving business challenges.

“An Executive MBA, with its focus on strategic leadership and decision-making, equips professionals with the tools and insights necessary to not only weather crises but also to emerge stronger on the other side.” writes Dr Ranjan.

She further adds, “The professional experience accumulated over the years brings a unique dimension to the Executive MBA journey. Unlike traditional MBA programs, where participants may be in the early stages of their careers, an Executive MBA cohort comprises individuals with substantial work experience. Furthermore, the current job market dynamics highlight the increasing demand for leaders with advanced business acumen. An Executive MBA, with its focus on strategic thinking and leadership development, positions graduates as valuable assets in the competitive job market.”

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