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Dr John Fong Invited for a Live Radio Interview at Capital 95.8FM


Dr. John Fong (CEO & Head of Singapore Campus) was invited for a live radio interview on 13th February 2018, with Singapore’s local celebrity, Ko Ee Sim(高逸芯) - the Senior Producer and Presenter at Capital 95.8FM, a well-known local Chinese radio station. Dr Fong spoke about why business schools need to be Global in addition to having a technologically driven curriculum and why students who have global experiences will have a more competitive edge for future roles.

This interview was SP Jain's first radio appearance on a mandarin speaking channel. 

Radio Interview - Dr John Fong 1.jpg Radio Interview - Dr John Fong 2.jpg

About Capital 95.8FM
Capital 95.8FM is a Chinese infotainment station that offers local and international news, financial news, magazine-style programmes and favourite music from the 80s and 90s. The station was formerly known as Radio Singapore 3 / Radio Television Singapore Radio 3 /Singapore Broadcasting Corporation Radio3



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