Yes, your application goes to multiple reviewers and is given due consideration.
We receive a large number of applications. If your application is shortlisted for further review, only then will our team contact you directly.

Screening Demo: This is a 10-minute recording session captured online via Zoom wherein faculty applicants present a brief demonstration of their teaching capability with one small topic. This recording is circulated for internal review and evaluation. Those who qualify go to the next stage.

Live Demo: This is a live 30-minute demo teaching session before the members of our faculty selection panel. Most applicants are informed about the outcome in around 3-4 weeks of this session.

In-Class Demo: For full-time positions, the faculty panel might ask for another round of live teaching demo with a group of actual students. Feedback is collected and reviewed.

In-Person Interview: Sometimes, detailed technical interviews are also needed. These are generally in-person with Area Heads, Deans or other faculty experts, and can be scheduled either before or after the demo sessions.

Yes, sometimes we check with faculty applicants whether they are open to visiting teaching assignments as well. If there are no full-time positions available in your area, but your CV is suitable, then we might explore either some visiting teaching assignments or archive for future reference.
The members of our faculty review panel are senior professors from various locations and time zones: Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. Hence, we conduct the evaluation of faculty applicants through an online demo session. The demo is usually conducted around 9.30 AM Dubai time which makes it convenient for everyone to attend. The duration is 30 minutes. You are required to install Zoom Meetings software on your system.
We are mandated under our institutional policies to review faculty applicants through a demo session. This applies to everyone. Seasoned academics, researchers, senior executives – all appear before the faculty review panel and present their demo lecture. Only those who clear the demo review process can be enlisted for teaching opportunities with us.
Please ensure that before you present your online demo session you have sent us an updated copy of your detailed chronological CV, some recent teaching feedback and your demo session PPT to us.
Generally, in about 3-4 weeks. We consider the recommendations of the faculty review panel and explore suitable opportunities internally to align with the applicant profiles. Sometimes there are further rounds of internal or technical reviews before a decision can be made.
Faculty profiles are reviewed throughout the year. The recently enlisted ones are first kept in a pool of faculty resources along with various other existing and newly enlisted faculty. Only when the Program Directors choose a specific faculty then the invitations are sent, and courses can be allotted.
The convention is to use SP Jain affiliation only after a few (3) successful course deliveries.
No. Only if we proceed with your application will we request for those references.

SP Jain School of Global Management conducts its recruitment process for academic roles independently and does not involve any external party. We advise candidates to directly apply online only through our website and connect with the authorised SP Jain recruitment team only.

We do not charge any processing fees or ask for any form of monetary payments at any stage during the application, interview or selection process. We don’t offer any compensation for participation in interviews, demo lectures, etc.

Please note that your participation in this faculty review/selection process is voluntary and SP Jain assumes no liabilities arising out of the ensuing process. We reserve all rights to operate and conclude the process as we deem appropriate.

Your documents, data, testimonials, videos, etc., once submitted to our website or recording systems, are our property and are handled as per institutional policies. We assume no liabilities arising out of the same.