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Naïve Bayes: An Implementation of Email Spam Filtering – Dr Abhijit Dasgupta writes in SiliconIndia


In the World Wide Web jargon, a virtual threat of email spam constantly looms for internet users. While there is no end to technological evolutions, there is equivalent numbers of ways developed to prevent the breach of online security. Dr Abhijit Dasgupta, Program Director - Data Science, SP Jain School of Global Management, on 18th October 2018 authored an article that dives deep into the Naïve Bayes technique and highlights how it helps to identify spam emails.

The article titled ‘Naïve Bayes: An Implementation of Email Spam Filtering’ has been published in SiliconIndia, a leading source of business and technology news for a community of over 5 million Indian professionals.

Dr Dasgupta notes that Naïve Bayes is one of the oldest, most frequently used and popularly implemented methods of spam filtering which computes the probability of terms being non-spam and spam. Due to its nature of being less computationally intensive, Naïve Bayes classifier is deemed very efficient in today's scenario to stop receiving spam content, writes Dr Dasgupta.