We live in exciting times where innovation and technology have made the world more integrated. The increasing globalisation of our economies has created a high demand for talented global leaders with the knowledge, flexibility, and skills to succeed in the real world. Organisations and entrepreneurs across the world need to recruit high performing managers who work efficiently in multi-cultural environments whilst harnessing their global awareness and presence to promote creativity, innovation, and learning.

With this in mind, SP Jain aims to build an educational experience that is dynamic, cutting-edge, and relevant. We strive to create a learning environment that is both competitive and nurturing. We encourage you to question, be curious, and freely express your viewpoints.

We believe that learning is a personal responsibility. Thus, your ability to deliver on the high expectations of your future success will depend on your achievements and performance amidst a stimulating environment. You will be stretched and challenged by both the talented and experienced faculty and a vibrant peer group. SP Jain promises a rigorous education that will empower you to go out into the world to enjoy both professional success and personal fulfilment.

We trust that, over time, education and hard work lead to maturity and the ability to accept personal responsibility. Good moral character; high ethical values; mutual respect for your peers and colleagues; and sensitivity to social issues are values we emphasise at SP Jain. We focus on holistic growth that balances learning with the moulding of personality, character and attitudes. Above all, learning should be an enjoyable experience. It is our expectation that during your period with us, you will form strong friendships and make important contacts that will endure through the whole of your professional life.

This is a truly fantastic opportunity that you will share with an amazing group of fellow global pioneers. We urge you to embrace this and be open to new ideas and experiences. We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai and Sydney.


Dean – Undergraduate Programs
PhD, Ohio State University, USA