Program Overview

To get to the next stage - whether it is to progress in your career, become an entrepreneur or make a career transition - you will need the management expertise and professional connections that a world-class MBA will help you foster. The S P Jain Executive MBA is built to enable working professionals, like you, discover your unique style of leadership, seize challenging opportunities, develop a decision-making track record and boost your careers in the company of like-minded individuals and faculty drawn from around the world.

ELIGIBILITY: For working professionals with 5+ years of experience

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18-month Part-Time

Hybrid Learning Model (combining online lessons, projects and face-to-face classes)

Specialisations in Marketing, Finance, Operations & General Management

Graduate with an Australian degree


Our EMBA Program is designed in a way that induces students to think, ask the right questions, analyse, work in teams, communicate professionally, be innovative, proactive, open minded, and carry a positive attitude. In short, all the attributes of becoming a future leader. Year after year, we have witnessed graduates return to their organisations, seize opportunities, apply the lessons they learn in class, and boost their careers, and we, at S P Jain, take great pride in these graduates. Here are some examples:


The S P Jain EMBA is built on the principle that leaders, no matter what type, will be faced with many difficult and different decisions. Combining case studies, discussions and debates, real-world tools and simulations, you will explore new approaches to decision-making, apply the theories you learn in class to real-world contexts, boost your learning through practice and discover the formula common to all good decisions.


Before venturing into the real world, pilots, F1 drivers and disaster response teams use advanced simulations to learn how to respond to high-intensity situations. This learning methodology has been validated by cutting-edge research in neuroscience through the “Practice School of Excellence” – the more you practice and train on a particular aspect, the brain becomes more prepared for any eventuality.

Today, as businesses also operate under similar conditions of high risk, complexity and unpredictability, it is important for business leaders to understand the many intricacies of the business world and prepare for them in a focused manner. At S P Jain, computer-aided business simulations are used extensively in our state-of-the-art Simulation Centres to enable students to practice and sharpen their real-world and decision-making skills in an innovative, risk-free environment.


The Case Study Method identifies the student as a decision maker. Substituting faculty-led lectures with classroom discussions, the method helps students find solutions to set case studies designed by faculty leaders from leading business schools around the globe.

At S P Jain, students study several business cases during their 18-month EMBA, developing a 360-degree global perspective. The method encourages participants to propose solutions and debate their thinking with peers in a healthy and monitored environment, preparing them to lead decisively. Building on the knowledge from the previous cases, each case is carefully crafted to present the typical problems likely to arise in the world of business – developing the students’ ability to utilise their analytical and communication skills – qualities essential in a global business leader.

Working across a wide range of corporate challenges – with ideas and inputs generated through teamwork and collaboration with peers and faculty from around the world – you will have the opportunity to relate theory to practice, adding immediate value to your career and your organisation.


The Applied Business Research (ABR) component is directed towards creating a higher degree of understanding of the corporate environment. The idea is to provide students with opportunities to apply concepts within the context of their organisation and thus, influence management practices.

An in-house faculty mentor and an external industry mentor guide this research endeavour. The ABR has multiple evaluation components – literature review, primary research, viva, presentations and reports.

The ABR is done in two stages:

Stage 1: Define a business problem/opportunity and develop a research proposal

Stage 2: Conduct primary research that is both quantitative and qualitative in nature, and arrive at strategic recommendations that are submitted in the form of a final study report

The whole initiative is structured to allow students to gain the knowledge and functional and cross-functional understanding of business, before applying it within the context of their own organisation. The end result is the production of a 'consultant-class' report that provides actionable strategic directions for an organisation.


PAW is an important feature to encourage students to bring a work problem to class and return with a solution.

Students are challenged to frame and articulate a problem at their work environment. Faculty will sift through the problems and select one or more to be assigned as a group exercise. Students in each group will debate, identify and evaluate alternatives for arriving at a viable solution. Each team will also think through on how it wishes to implement the solution.

The key objective of this exercise is to hone one's critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and enhance the applicability and relevance of the curriculum.

In addition to collaborating with globally-minded peers, faculty and industry mentors from diverse backgrounds, the S P Jain EMBA offers overseas study opportunities that will help you develop the tools, techniques and frameworks needed to run your business at a global level.


Business schools until now have been operating in a single campus model with very little importance given to understanding the dynamic global business environment. Doing business across borders requires critical skills, each dependent on the location where they operate. After all, how you do business in China is different to how you do business in Australia or the United States. Western companies doing business in the East require appreciation and careful navigation of the cultural differences between the East and the West.

We believe that understanding the global business environment is key to good decision-making and leadership and as a result, our students have opportunities to participate in overseas study opportunities at our international campuses. Whilst the degree may be completed entirely at one campus, embarking on overseas study is highly encouraged. Students may spend as little as a week in any one of our overseas hubs and receive credit towards their EMBA subjects.


S P Jain is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia. This means that on successful completion of the program, you will be conferred an Australian degree. This greatly enhances the international acceptance of your degree, giving impetus to higher education and careers, globally.

A great career in business starts with your ability to apply fundamentals. Master these essential building blocks through courses in topics such as Managerial Economics, Corporate Finance, Marketing Management and Operations. As you progress in the program, you have the option to customise your education by choosing to specialise in an area targeting your career.

Each specialisation offers an intensive curriculum that combines functional management knowledge with decision-making tools and frameworks, and real-world learning experiences with industry experts.


Our Students

A truly dynamic, diverse student body is the foundation of the S P Jain EMBA experience. When you join the program, you become part of a community of exceptional students and professionals representing a wide range of industries, academic strengths, social presence and global experiences. The examples of leadership and decision-making they bring to the classroom (and the lively discussions that follow) form a significant part of your learning experience here. Not only will you leave with meaningful and lifelong relationships that can be
leveraged personally and professionally, but with the preparation to lead multinational teams and the ability to see the business world from different perspectives.
Find out more about our EMBA community below.


Admissions are now open to the May 2020 intake of our Executive MBA program. If you are looking at a truly global business school for your MBA, then we encourage you to take your first steps with us. You can start your journey by directly applying to our program or joining us at any one of our upcoming Admissions Events.

About S P JAIN

S P Jain School of Global Management is an Australian business school with campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. We relentlessly strive to reimagine business education and offer innovative courses in dynamic, world-class cities. Our efforts have been recognised by highly regarded global rankings that includes Forbes, The Economist and the Financial Times.