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BBA Jaguars visit TATA Power’s Hydro Plant, Lonavala

The BBA Mumbai students got an opportunity to visit Tata Power’s Hydro Plant at Valvan, Lonavala near Mumbai on 17th Feb 2018. The Jaguars were first taken through a session on TATA’s sustainability values and practices by Mr. Vivek Talwar (Chief Sustainability Officer) and other senior management members of the team. The objective of this industrial visit was to create an awareness amongst the new generation about sustainability, innovation, and environmental bio-diversity.  

BBA Jaguars visit TATA Power’s Hydro Plant
BBA Jaguars visit TATA Power’s Hydro Plant

Students were taken on a trek around the facility where they saw different flora and fauna that play an integral part in creating and maintaining a balance in the natural environment that houses the Tata Power plant. They also got an exclusive opportunity to see and understand the working of Tata Power’s floating Solar PV station. This is a great innovation by Tata Power in the field of Sustainability and has been patented by them.

BBA Jaguars visit TATA Power’s Hydro Plant

Following a delicious lunch prepared by the locals who were the members of working Staff at the facility, the class was divided into 10 groups and were asked to make a presentation based on Sustainability and the other aspects that they learnt in the morning. Each group was given a different industry (finance, textile, food, manufacturing, etc.) and given an hour to prepare the presentation. Once they were ready, the presentations began and were judged by the senior members of the TATA Power team.

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